A downloadable game for Windows

Originally an entry for Cart Jam, the project's scope exploded and I've decided to run with it. The game will consist of two phases: cooking for customers in a dungeon tavern and dungeon crawling in procedurally generated roguelike levels to gather ingredients.

WASD -  

Mouse -  aim/Left Click - attack

Tab - zoom map

"i" - open inventory

ALT+F4 - quit

The demo is pretty barebones. If the game loads up with only a couple of rooms, please restart, this is a bug. There is no sound in the game. No player/enemy damage. The inventory doesn't yet work. Enjoy!


Dungeon Chef - Demo Day20.zip 13 MB

Development log


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Here you go. Enjoy!

Wow, amazing, thanks a lot for doing this. Squeezing 8 minutes out of something that's so bare bones must have been hard.  Thanks for all the input/suggestions too. Nice audio!

Nah, most my videos are much longer. 😁 Looking forward to seeing your updates!