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Ages Of Industry is just a quick demo where I've experimented with village builder type mechanics. I love games like Dwarf Fortress, Anno and Banished, and wanted to see how easy it is to create something similar in Unity.

So far implemented in the demo:

  • You can build villagers who will happily idle if not assigned a task.
  • You can assign the villagers to gather food, stone or wood.
  • The villagers will gather the resources up until their carry capacity is full, and then walk back to a stock pile to drop them off.
I have no real plans on doing any more with it, but things like other professions/workshops/resources could be added.

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMike Le Watt
Tags3D, City Builder


Age Of Industry Demo.zip (20 MB)


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heres some gameplay.

Hey Thanks!